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‘We Unite, She Stands’ Free Speech Session

Youth has always played a vital role to bring positive changes in the society by raising awareness on different cause. To ensure better life of early married girls, at first

Round Table Discussion – SRHR issues on early married girls

IMAGE has organized a round table meeting as a part of the week long campaign “We unite, she stands”. The meeting has been held at Azimur Rahman Conference Hall, Daily

Press conference on IMAGE National Campaign’16

Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) has started a national weeklong (24th to 30th October’16) campaign with the slogan “We unite, she stands”.  A press conference has been held

Awareness raising initiative to free Gaibandha from child marriage

The target is to free 7 sub districts from early marriage by December 2016 Early marriage or child marriage is still an epidemic in various rural districts of Bangladesh. The

Work paper by BDRC – Unhappily Ever After: An Analysis of Child Marriages in Bangladesh and Niger

Comparison between Bangladesh and Niger has been portrayed in terms of the situation of child marriage A new Working Paper was released by The Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC) titled

Early marriage robs girls of their future

In Lebanon, nearly one in four Syrian girls is estimated to have been married off by her parents before 18 Refugee parents often arrange early marriages for their girls to

Pakistan assembly passes marriage bill protecting Hindu women’s rights

The bill would enable Hindu community to register their marriages. Breaking the law regarding the minimum age would result in six months’ jail and a 5,000-rupee ($47) fine Pakistan’s lower

Bangladesh launching Red Card Campaign to prevent child marriage, sexual harassment

The campaign targets 150,000 high school students, teachers, guardians and community people to help spread awareness messages with slogans in red cards. The government is going to launch a school-level

Malala: Education For Refugee Girls Will Help Prevent Child Marriage

There are 21.3 million refugees worldwide, half of them are children. They have strong possibility of being forced into early marriages. Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday called on world

The former child bride who is using her story to liberate Afghan women

Zahra Yaganah was married off to a violent man at 13. Now an author, her book is shining a light on abuse in Afghanistan. Source Link: