Case Story – Realization of Elias

Case Story – Realization of Elias

‘I couldn’t have finished my HSC if my elder sister was not there for me’, said Elias.

Elias grew up in Kurigram district; his father is a farmer who has nine children. Despite of that, his father sent all his kids to school, but could not continue with their education because of financial constraint. He had to get his two daughters married before they were even 18.

Elias explains, ‘My sisters could not get the chance to continue their education, so they wanted me to continue my education. So, they were always willing to support me morally and financially.’

Elias realized the miseries of early married girls from how his two sisters lived. He also started working with IMAGE as a change maker from 2015, as soon as he passed his HSC examination.

‘But I was not always aware of women’s rights, reproductive health and rights, right of using birth control methods and the fetal effect of child marriage’, confesses Elias. ‘I and my friends used to sit by the village road and verbally harassed school girls.’

But now Elias is a different person, he works to raise awareness against street harassment and child marriage. Md. Elias Kanchon has reached to a new understanding regarding women’s rights as a whole.


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