Case Story – Parvin’s dream

Case Story – Parvin’s dream

Parvin was married off at a very young age. She didn’t get the opportunity to experience childhood but became a mother only at the age of 14. Her life became really hard and miserable after the wedding and childbirth.

Early motherhood made Parvin weak and tired. Her husband never helped her to child rearing, nor did he listen to her health problems. Once she went to a doctor by herself and was scolded by her mother- in- law for that.

Parvin did not suffer from hunger or poverty but from lack of freedom. She earned some money by selling chicken and eggs but her husband always snatched her money.

She hated her life, because she felt that she could have been independent if her parents had not married her off. Her parents also understood this fact but it was too late.

Now Parvin lives for her 5 years old child. She sent her child to school and hopes that her child will live a better life then her. Parvin dreams that one day her child will be an educated person and live a life of self-respect and dignity. The dream of a better life for her child is the only thing that keeps Parvin alive.


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