Case Story – Happier married life of Khadija

Case Story – Happier married life of Khadija

Khadija lives in Noyapara village, Nilphamari district. She was the only daughter with four brothers in the family. She was married off only at the age of 13, though she didn’t have any idea about a conjugal life. She got pregnant three months after the wedding.

Khadija’s husband Rony was only 20 years old, unemployed and dependent on his father’s income. Khadija became a mother before she finished her own childhood. She used birth control methods irregularly, such as birth control pills, injections, and even traditional withdrawal method. But due to lack of proper knowledge and continuation of birth control methods, she conceived again. But she had miscarriage of her second child due to lack of proper care and malnutrition.

Khadija’s married life was full of misery. She was responsible for all the household chores but she had no right to eat before everyone else had eaten their meals. Thus she and her child became malnourished day by day.

As Khadija’s in-laws needed more money to run the extended family and they sent Khadija to work in a factory. Still she was expected to take care of the household chores by herself. At the same time she was not allowed to spend her keep her income by herself but had to give it to her in-laws.

In 2015, IMAGE selected Khadija as a project beneficiary as she is an early married girl. After that, Khadija’s husband and mother-in-law were oriented with the concepts of family planning, personal hygiene, antenatal and neonatal care, menstrual hygiene management etc.

The IMAGE project brought some positive changes to Khadija’s married life. Now her husband helps her at home and they take family planning methods jointly. Both Khadija and Rony are happy with the changes in their conjugal life.


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