খুব ছোট বয়সে নিজের পছন্দেই বিয়ে করেছিলো সুখী। কিন্তু এখন তার স্বামী তার সাথে যোগাযোগ রাখেনা। তার নিজের মুখ থেকেই শুনুন তার জীবন কাহিনী।

Married girls of Bangladesh

This is one story out of many. More than half of the daughters of Bangladesh are married before the age of 18. Their remarkable contributions to extended families usually go unseen. The weight of adult responsibilities on their shoulders is too heavy and hardly recognized. Image is proud working with them. Together, we will raise our voice. Together, we will raise respect and support for the married adolescent girls of Bangladesh.


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Image is about millions of young girls who are wives and children at the same time. Their health and well being is at risk because of their marriage. Their health rights are not recognized, they are not protected. Yet, future generation depends on them. Families and communities rely on them. They run households, cook dinners, raise children, clean yards and care for the sick and the old. They deserve respect and support.

29% of married girls married before the age of 15
Source: UNICEF, "State of World's Children 2015: Executive Summary". November 2014
Adolescent girls become married "women" overnight. They leave their birth family, enter an unknown family and get isolated from society in the process. Bangladesh has one of the world's highest rates of early marriage. 64% of the women currently aged 20-24 were married before
the age of 18, according to a national survey conducted by Plan Bangladesh and ICDDR,B in 2013.
The negative impact of child marriage is acknowledged worldwide. Policies and programs focus strongly on prevention. It is necessary to protect the child rights of girls who are at risk of being married off. It is equally important to protect the rights of girls who have already

65% of married girls married before the age of 18
Source: UNICEF, "State of World's Children 2015: Executive Summary". November 2014
entered marriage. Image focuses on their health rights. Empowering girls in their marriage will plant the seed for prevention as well. Married girls, aware of their child rights and their human rights, will become aware of the need for alternative strategies for their daughters.

Image will reach out to 4,500 married girls in three northern districts of the country. The northern parts of Bangladesh have high rates of child marriage. The project will reach their families at the same time; the families are their gatekeepers and guardians. The average household in Bangladesh counts five members. From the start of the project, Image will mobilize 22500 people to make a change for married girls.

The project gathers knowledge and experience in interaction with the married girls and their families. Information, statistics, qualitative data, stories of married girls, challenges and successes will be collected and preserved in an ever expanding database. Gaps in knowledge and interventions will be identified to encourage research and interventions.

With this knowledge, the project reaches out to the society at local and national level. Information will be transformed to powerful messages, relevant research and strong awareness and advocacy campaigns. All this will raise support for the cause of married girls. It will empower the interventions and pave the way for interventions in other areas in Bangladesh and abroad.

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TV Broadcast

“The minimum age for marriage will remain at 18 for girls. The government is sincerely trying to put a stop to this menace which seems to be the major barrier in women’s empowerment,” said Meher Afroze Chumki, the state minister for women and children’s affairs.

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Women’s Day rally

গতকাল, ৮ই মার্চ ২০১৬, বিশ্ব নারী দিবস উপলক্ষে সম্মিলিত সামাজিক প্রতিরোধ কমিটি আয়োজিত র‍্যালিতে বিবাহিত মেয়েশিশুদের অধিকারের দাবি নিয়ে অংশগ্রহণ করেছে ইমেজ প্রকল্পের সদস্যরা। এই ফোরামের মাধ্যমে বাংলাদেশের ৪.৫ মিলিয়ন…



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The Netherlands is an active and long-standing partner in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender in Bangladesh. The Netherlands aims to help reduce maternal mortality and end violence against women and child marriage in Bangladesh.

SKS Foundation is one of the largest NGO’s in the northern districts of Bangladesh. It has vast experience in preventive and curative heath. It operates satellite clinic services on mother and childcare and SRH services. The operations in the north include more than 300 community health workers and 16 paramedics.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands has a strong focus on child protection. The organization has 35 years of experience with managing complex projects in Bangladesh. Terre des Hommes is well connected in the Bangladeshi society and has a strong track record in linking the grassroots level with the national level.

Terre des hommes – Lausanne (Tdh) has been working for children in Bangladesh since 1974. A Mother and Child Health (MCH) programme implemented through a comprehensive approach intervenes on Health issues, including Protection, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Homestead Gardening, Aquaculture, Rehabilitation of Community Clinics and Disaster Risk Reduction. In 2014, 366'600 people in Kurigram and Barguna District benefited from Tdh activities.

RedOrange is a socially engaged consultancy house for media and communications; reaching large audiences with effective messages. The agency specializes in creative and innovative strategies and tools for behavior change communication, awareness campaigns and advocacy campaigns. In Bangladesh RedOrange has a strong focus on sexual and reproductive health.

Pollisree brings in a strong gender perspective and a strong experience in organizing community stakeholder groups, including using the method of the change makers. The organization has implemented activities in 46 communities in seven sub districts in the northern part of the country.